Hallo and welcome to my blog!! I'm Sarah. And I'm a graduate Architect. I graduated from Melbourne University with a Master of Architecture (Hons) in 2009.

I design and make lots of things... Liiiiike:
Uber Fashionable Jewellery, Ginormous Magic Carpets out of Bricks, Graphic Design, Children's Books, Exhibitions and Installations.

I Have I Need
Write up by BYO Projects here

Breaking News: 
The Magic Carpet - Austral Bricks Competition Winner 2010

All the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle: Click here to help put a TOTAL BAN ON LIVE ANIMAL EXPORT.  To make a donation to Animals Australia's Campaign, send a cheque to: 37 O'Connell Street, North Melbourne, AUSTRALIA 

__ROD the Floating Pavillion - (Repetition of Difference)

Please meet Rod. Exercise Numero Uno for Architecture Thesis 2009: 
A performance space -to be located anywhere... for anything.  

Repetition of Difference - Same modular unit... but different.